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Welcome to Clear Lake Yacht Club!!

2024 season is here!

Thanks to the many of you who have already renewed your memberships in anticipation of this summer. If you need any help renewing your membership email  Some quick things to remember when renewing your membership is to verify your email address and current mailing address to make sure that it is current and make sure to add your spouse and other associated members that are under 21 to your membership.

The 2024 event calendar is now available in the members section.

Did you know you can join us on Facebook/CLYC MEMBERS or Instagram/Clear Lake Yacht Club as well?  Posts often include last minute changes and updates as well as photos and activities going on at the club.

Clear Lake Yacht Club is primarily run by volunteers except for the bar and cleaning staff; we are all volunteers.  So, if you find yourself wanting to get involved, whether it be helping with TGIF's, entertainment, projects around the club, or maybe even consider being part of the board, please feel free to reach out to any one of the current board members as we are always eager to welcome new faces.

Please take a moment and review The Club Member Information and Guest Policies at the bottom of this page. Thanks and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone around the club.

Clear Lake Yacht Club Member Information

Please read - There have been updates and clarifications

The Yacht Club is a wonderful amenity that we all share, an extension of our collective front yards and living rooms here on Clear Lake. In fact, the Yacht Club should be the first stop on any tour of the lake.
The CLYC Bylaws charge the Board with establishing policies to govern membership and the use of the club by members and guests. Please review the information below which is meant to clarify how we operate as a club and what the state requires of us.

Mandated by the State of Indiana and the CLYC Bylaws. Are as follows but not limited to:
1. We have a “Club Permit”, which means we are a private social club.
2. Current Paid Members ONLY may purchase alcohol.
3. Non-members must be accompanied by a member and sign the guest book. Guests may not purchase alcohol except on guest permitted days which requires a special state permit.
4. All club rentals require a “guest day” permit
5. When bar is open, outside alcohol is prohibited from the Club property and building – All alcohol must be purchased at the bar.
6. The bartender must be properly licensed and be aware of the private club rules
7. Bartenders reserve the right to refuse service
8. No personal cups are allowed after 9:00 p.m.


We are required by the state to maintain a guest register. When bringing a guest to the club, the sponsoring member must add the guest’s name to the register on each day the guest is at the club.
That being said, the frequency that a guest is invited to the club by a current member will be left to the discretion of each member. If you find a friend or family member accompanying you to club events more than a couple weekends a season, maybe a new membership is in order!


Family Membership:
For 2 individuals, their dependent children age 20 and under. Occasional extended family visitors.
Young Family Membership: For 2 individuals both being under age 30 & their children.
Single Adult Membership: For one individual age 30 and over, his/her dependent children age 20 and under. Occasional extended family visitors.
Single Young Adult Membership: For one individual age 21 - 29, his/her dependent children age 20 and under. Occasional extended family visitors.
Youth Membership: For one individual age 20 years or under.
Honorary Life Membership: For all former commodores over age 65 & their spouses.

Regular visiting individuals & families require their own individual or family membership.

If  further clarification is needed, feel free to contact any of the board members.

Membership & Clubs Costs

Membership Costs
Family Membership $280
Young Family Membership $165
Single Adult $140
Single Young Adult (21 to 29) $85
Child (20 and under) Member $25

Club Costs
Sailing Series $135
Young Sailor $25
Mooring Fee $125
Small Boat Race Series $20
Ski Club $25
Tennis & Pickleball $100
Tennis & Pickleball Young $25